Brick Garage
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About Us

The Brick Garage LLC was started in 2003 to purchase and renovate a beautiful 1934 brick garage in the Borough of Kennett Square. It had originally been built by the Young family at the bottom of Miller's Hill as a garage. For the next 37 years it was home to George's Plumbing, a veritable institution to people in the area.

Having always admired the building and having done residential building remodeling for 20 years, the building was able to be purchased upon George's retirement. The ensuing years were used to create the ambiance envisioned.

The building, Brick Garage, currently houses a selection of antiques, furniture, accessories and design elements.

The next project will be the evolution of the building on N Walnut Street in Kennett Square to change it into a creek side cafe with outdoor dining under the trees.
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